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The Others Fall - Soen Lyrics

Meeting eye to eye so disparate.
All unrecognized, come indifference.
Grounded in the flow that all vigorate.
Source we long forgot with our innocence.
Heed the other, clear the mind to conceive the whole.
Every cell interblend.
Put the world before me.
One for one in the individual handed down ideal,
How to find,
No more sympathy for the vulnerable
As they're turned away, out of mind
With another face on
Heed the other, clear the mind to conceive the whole
Every cell interblend.
Put the world before me.
Once eyes turn all is lost,
Yield this love tied umbilically.
We once for all cause the other's fall,
Time has come for all
Carnal body echoes, member notion fading.
Thoughts dissolve transcending into सटकितानंदा (satcitananda).
Spirit consciousness begin the rising.
सटकितानंदा परब्रह्मा (Satcitananda parabrahma).
पुरुषोत्तम परमात्मा (Purushottama paramatma).
Guide me over, let me render.
Once it's over, turn asunder.
Breathe in the possible, breathe in the charge of the light.
Breathe in the passing night, come be it lost from sight.
Be the past here, be every thought you have.
Let everywhere be your side,new is the same old.
Affirmed is the new unknow, infinite torans, eternal the hours.

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