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Koniskas - Soen Lyrics

(I silently confound what inheres in me but is not mine)
'Cause I believe in something other than what's written on the walls
How we are murdered for the pieces that are rendering it all
Now you're bringing in the kindle lights, something to believe in
Now I'm breathing in the water that you have parted in the past
You are walking like your father and you see it through his eyes
I've been reading all your markings you have always tried to hide
Set aside your feelings, like you've seen them locked inside
Unconditionally so steadfast, how a mother's always right
And I can feel it in our weakness we have gained since we were born,
Another tower of strenght to leave you as all the reasons left recede
And I know, I know
We are walking like we're falling, still there is something you can't see
Silence comes your way...
Silence come, silence come
While we can sense the missing order, what you created leads you on
The machine we helped you forging tells you to wait until it's gone
You're making all the right decisions while you are not awake
Growing from a whisper the voice inside is still restrained
And I can see it grow our weakness into the undefinable
How we are searching through debris now
From the fear of being deceived
And I know, I know,
We are walking like we're falling
Still there is something we can't see
And I know, I know
That you face a reverence to break through,
To have the freedom of your will
Those walls once raised by greed
Stand tall while we stand still
Pay no heed, seized by war,
Hand away our lives and thus we can spiral on

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